Gender-based Violence

Working Group Description

The GBV Working Group is tasked to explore the causal factors of Gender-based Violence (GBV), the services available to GBV survivors and protocols in place.

Focus areas for 2024
  • Organising an awareness drive involving various organizations within the GBV work group to amplify messaging and outreach effort
  • Leveraging the expertise of the Stellenbosch University Centre for Social Justice to assist organisations in developing policies and understanding legislation related to GBV
  • Awareness training pertaining  protocol when reporting GBV incidents, bolstering effective response and support for survivors
Common Challenges
  • Substance abuse among perpetrators and survivors, leading to recurring cycles of violence and challenges in breaking free from abusive situations
  • Insufficient education and information about GBV, contributing to co-dependency and perpetuation of abusive relationships
  • Stigmatisation and misunderstanding pertaining GBV and stakeholder support
Collaboration opportunities
  • GBV Awareness through collaborative efforts, to educate and mobilise communities to combat violence
  • GBV-related service directory for reporting, role player engagement and aftercare
Development gaps
    • Beneficiary referral pathway
Meeting frequency: Quarterly
Contact: Amy Levendal