Economic Inclusion

Working Group Description


The Economic Inclusion Working Group comprises of organisations and institutions working in the field of job creation, skills development and entrepreneurship.

2024 Focus areas
  • Facilitate collaboration around the establishment of a School of Skills to provide vocational training and empower individuals with practical skills
  • Facilitate collaboration around Social Innovation incubation programs to support entrepreneurship and innovative business solutions
  • Investigate and co-develop skills diagnostics and psychometric assessments, including life skills training, to enhance employability and personal development
  • Advancing beneficiary ownership of opportunities through life skills and personal development initiatives, fostering empowerment and agency
Development Gaps
  • Lack of comprehensive career guidance and development pathways for individuals, hindering their ability to navigate the job market effectively
  • Challenges related to school dropouts, literacy rates, and access to specialized training programs such as barista training
  • Scaling of skills programmes and counseling services needed to address the diverse needs of the community and promote economic inclusion
  • Early-stage entrepreneurship support
Collaboration Opportunities
  • Skills Development Programmes to reach a broader audience and address skills gaps in the community
  • Referral pathways to connect young people with opportunities to bridge the gap of youth unemployment
  • Accessible start-up support and resources for small businesses to grow and thrive
  • Economic inclusion and local development support to for enhancement of sustainable community-based tourism businesses
Meeting frequency: Quarterly

Contact: Marli Goussard