Disability Network


Working Group Description

The Stellenbosch Disability Network (SDN) advocates for the rights and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the community

The SDN exists to:

  • Share information and build a database on disability-related services & organisations (networking)
  • Identify and record challenges faced by the disability sector & people with disabilities (research)
  • Ensure the inclusion of disability in local planning & services (representation)
  • Avoid duplication of services & maximize the use of limited resources (capacity building)
  • Raise awareness and sensitise the public on disability-related themes (awareness raising)
  • Take responsibility for the betterment of people with disabilities in our community (shared responsibility)
Focus areas for 2024
  • Engaging with other Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) to encourage expansion of services to include people with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and accessibility
  • Pursuing formal partnership agreements with NPOs to jointly pursue international funding opportunities, leveraging collective resources and expertise
Development Gaps
  • Lack of accessibility in public transport poses barriers for people with disabilities, limiting their mobility and independence
  • Severe funding constraints in the Disability sector hinder the delivery of essential services and support
Collaboration opportunities
  • Day care facilities for children and adults with disabilities, providing opportunities for education, socialization, and support
  •  Community-based disability services across all communities within the Stellenbosch Municipal area, for expanded access and outreach efforts
Meeting frequency
The SDN meets quarterly and hosts a large annual awareness raising event in November called Walk with Disability.
Contact: Cindy Wiggett-Barnard
Disability Network Map