Solving our Socio-Economic challenges

Solving our Socio-Economic challenges

Stellenbosch thinks collectively about solving its own Socio-Economic challenges.

On Wednesday, 21 September 2022, the Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network (SCAN) and Stellenbosch Network hosted a Sector Engagement event, where more than 60 participants representing various sectors embraced local solidarity to find ways of collaborating around solving Stellenbosch’s various socio-economic challenges.

SCAN is a member organisation of various civil society organisations (NGOs), local government, business and academia working in the socio-economic development field. SCAN’s mission is to encourage collaboration amongst civil society with the aim of serving an inter-sectoral common agenda, advancing socio-economic development through advocacy, networking and information dissemination.

Presenting at the event was the Stellenbosch University’s Department of Transformation and Social Impact as well as local funders Remgro and the Cape Wine Auction Trust to share insights on how the NGO sector can meaningfully and practically engage with these institutions around issues of local importance.

Organisations working in the fields of Gender-based Violence, Economic Inclusion, Early Childhood Development, After Care Programmes, Youth Development and Health, learned more about ways to recruit student volunteers and partnering with the Stellenbosch University on local participatory research studies and community development projects. Funders shared insights on how NGOs can approach their funding applications, the importance of regular communication as well as monitoring and evaluation illustrating the impact it makes in the lives of local beneficiaries.

International researchers, NAYBA, also shared the results of a local survey done amongst faith-based institutions on how this sector in particular is involved with local social impact work.

“If there is one town in the world where we can test the power of collective problem-solving, it’s Stellenbosch. There are more than 100 non-profit organisations working on the ground in Stellenbosch. Making local connections with researchers, funders and volunteers from the University local business and the faith-based sectors are critical for the enhancement of their work and are grateful for this opportunity,” says Chairperson of SCAN Marli Goussard. SCAN also recently launched its website,, where locals can find out more about all the organisations making a difference in the lives of vulnerable communities in and around Stellenbosch.



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