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What we do

The Living Soils Community learning farm is a regenerative farming project situated in Lynedoch, Stellenbosch, Western Cape. The farm aims to tackle issues of food security, climate change, soils and biodiversity loss, poverty and unemployment, and agriculture inclusivity in the South African context. The farm does this by providing a space to educate and empower emerging young farmers in food and farming livelihoods.

Living Soils is governed by a partnership between The Woolworths Trust, Spier Wine Farm and the Sustainability Institute. It was established in March 2019 and grows fresh vegetable produce using regenerative farming practices guided by Farming for the Future (FFF). Food produced, primarily supports local community food security, but it is also sold in order to create its own economic value for self-sustainability. The farm is further committed to advocacy and communication of learnings, to shape and experiment with new food futures in the South African context.

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Environmental conservation
Food & Nutrition
Food Security
Gender equality
Skills development training