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About Us

The Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network (SCAN) is a member organisation of various civil society organisations, local government, business and academia working in the socio-economic development field. SCAN’s mission is to encourage collaboration amongst civil society with the aim of serving an inter-sectoral common agenda, advancing socio-economic development through advocacy, networking and information dissemination.

SCAN aims to serve as a network or umbrella civil society body which represents emerging and existing geographical or thematic networks and its organisations in a single entity serving civil society interests, defined through recognized socio-economic development categories as a frame of reference. The network also provides a space of inter-sectoral engagement with the aim of developing shared value and accountability advancing socio-economic development in the demarcated Municipal area of Stellenbosch.

To facilitate collaboration amongst role-players enabling potential integration of development programmes in the Stellenbosch Municipal area and to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness and adequacy there-of.

SCAN Management Committee

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Amy Levendal (Chair)
From: Ranyaka Community Transformation

Amy is currently serving as Stakeholder and Relationship Manager at Ranyaka. Her passion lies in women empowerment, combatting gender-based violence, and transformation programs. She has qualifications in Community Development and Humanitarian work.

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George Arrey (Vice-Chair)
From: Health Promotors

George Arrey is the Chief Executive Officer of Health Promotion South Africa Trust in South Africa. His experience stretches across business, community development and health education. His qualifications include Health Sciences and Psychology,as well as Social Services.

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Daniel Thomae (Treasurer)
From: training4changeS

Daniel has 20+ years of experience living and working across Africa, including 14 years in NGO project management with a focus on using sport for social change. He enjoys working with people, designing creative content, and finding outside the box solutions.

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Nanine Steenkamp (Secretary)
From: RealDeal Trust

Nanine is the Chief Executive Officer at RealDeal Trust. Her experience lies in community resource development and project management. She is passionate about community restoration with qualifications in documentary making and social sciences.

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Duduzile Manda
From: Stellenbosch University Social Impact

Duduzile is the Volunteer Placement coordinator within the Division of Social Impact and Transformation, focusing on youth development and student engagement. Her qualifications include social work and sustainable development, with a passion for meaningful experience.

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Hanli Brink
From: Stellenbosch Business Network

Hanli is the Operations Director at Stellenbosch Network, organising networking events, mentorship programmes and various ideation challenges. Her qualifications include B.Comm Management Accounting and experience in entertainment business. She believes a strong network is key to any success.

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Nathan Wollow
From: Non-profit Small Scale Gardening Consultant

As a dedicated researcher, Nathan focuses on studying local food systems and actively participating in developing solutions to tackle the food security issue. His qualifications entail sustainable development and experience in small scale food farming.

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Michelle Aalbers
From: Stellenbosch Municipality

Michelle Aalbers serves as the Community Development Manager at Stellenbosch Municipality. She is qualified as a Social Worker. Over the past 17 years, she has dedicated herself to local government, recognising the invaluable perspective that Civil Society offers in understanding reality.

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Melissa van der Merwe
From: Aitsa

Melissa van der Merwe serves as the Project Manager at Aitsa! Aftercare center in Kylemore. She has a foundation in Theology and Ministry and 12 years of non-profit organisation experience with a devotion to community advancement and after-school initiatives.